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What is Pilates?

josie classical pilates reformer hampshireClassical Pilates is a unique series of focused and flowing exercises that work to strengthen the core muscles whilst strengthening, stretching and creating a firmer and more streamlined look to the body. The method is an effective and invigorating form of exercise suitable for men, women, athletes, dancers and for those who require injury rehabilitation.

Whilst traditional gym based methods of exercise tend to focus on developing the usually already strong and large muscle groups, Pilates focuses on working the often neglected deep stabilising muscles that are vital for maintaining good posture and overall body strength.

Some of the reported benefits of Pilates include better posture, a leaner and more graceful body, improved flexibility and strength, a flatter stomach, relief from back pain, increased levels of energy and an improved overall sense of well-being.

Pilates being a system of more than 500 exercises is not only limited to mat exercises but also includes exercises that are performed on special apparatus designed by Joe Pilates himself such as the Reformer and Tower.

Classical Pilates is a workout, so be prepared to work!