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All new clients must complete a Client Enrolment Form before attending a class. Please click here to complete and submit the form online. Alternatively, a pdf version can be printed out and completed by clicking here.

Group Mat Classes

classical pilates matwork classes gosport hampshireGroup mat classes are taught at a range of levels to suit people's physical ability and Pilates experience. Although the classes are Classically based, small props such as a theraband, inflatable overball, arm weights or magic circle may be used to provide assistance or more of a challenge where needed.

Each class is designed to provide a full and balanced workout, exercising the whole body and leaving it feeling more lengthened, strengthened and revitalised. Over time, participants should find an improvement in posture, coordination and balance.

Class sizes are kept small to allow for quality instruction and ensure everyone can benefit from individual attention.

Private Apparatus Sessions

classical pilates reformer hampshireJosie is now able to provide private sessions on the Reformer / Tower and Wunda Chair at her home studio.

The resistance created by the pulley and spring system of this apparatus can provide a more challenging strength and endurance workout than mat classes. It may also produce visible results sooner — arm, leg and abdominal muscles can look more firm and defined within a dozen or so regular sessions.

The apparatus is also ideal for the complete beginner and for those who are not ready to join a mat class.

Please make contact to find out more.


Class Timetable

To register your interest for classes, please make contact.

Alternatively, please click on a class below to access the online booking form:

Time Level Location
Beginner Lee-on-Solent Community Centre (Activity Room)
Intermediate Lee-on-Solent Community Centre (Activity Room)
Intermediate Lee-on-Solent Community Centre (Activity Room)
Intermediate (term time only) Lee-on-Solent Community Centre (Activity Room)
Advanced Nobes Hall, Nobes Avenue, Bridgemary
Improvers Nobes Hall, Nobes Avenue, Bridgemary
Pre Natal Meadowside Leisure Centre, Whiteley, Fareham (Meeting Room 3)
Post Natal Meadowside Leisure Centre, Whiteley, Fareham (Meeting Room 3)
Back Care Class
Lee-on-Solent Community Centre (Activity Room)

Please note that spaces are strictly limited to 10 participants in all classes, save for the back care class where the maximum number is 8. This is to ensure quality instruction.

Class Level Guides:

Beginners: An introduction to the basic principles and fundamentals of Pilates. Suitable for those with little or no experience of the Pilates method. Participants will be guided through the beginner level exercises from the classical repertoire of matwork exercises with the emphasis on stability and control.

Improvers: These classes build on what has been learned from the Beginners classes, providing a more challenging, wider range of exercises in order to prepare the body for the Intermediate level exercises. These classes are suitable for those who have attended a number of Pilates classes, or who have been attending the Beginners classes and wish to progress.

Intermediate: These classes will challenge the body at a higher level in terms of strength, stamina, coordination and stability. Participants will be introduced to more of the classical Pilates exercises. These classes are suitable for those who have attended a significant number of Pilates classes, have a good level of strength and stability or who have successfully mastered the Improvers level of exercises.

Advanced: These challenging and dynamic classes incorporate a wide range of exercises from the classical repertoire. These classes are for healthy individuals who have been practising classical Pilates for some time. Expect to work up a sweat!

Back Care: The slower pace and smaller size of this class makes it ideal for those suffering with back or neck issues. Sessions will focus on stability, strength and just getting the body moving again.

** It is strongly advised that unless you have been practising Pilates for some time with a qualified teacher, you begin with a Beginners course, the Back Care Class or a private session in order that your level of ability be assessed. No matter how strong or flexible you might consider yourself to be, there is a risk of injury if you have not properly mastered the basic principles of Pilates. If you have previously been taking Pilates lessons, it may be helpful for us to speak with your teacher. **