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Here is what others are saying about Pilates Intuition:

Recently I was referred for an MRI scan which highlighted some problems with the discs in my lower back. The consultant suggested that a Pilates class would help manage the deterioration and lessen the discomfort I had been experiencing. I searched for local classes and found Josie.

I must admit to being somewhat dubious before I started but I am now in my tenth week and am already noticing a huge difference. My balance has improved, as has my general strength, and the pain in my lower back feels far more manageable. I am learning to listen to my body and react to the feelings I get while carrying out certain tasks. I can adjust myself to be able to do things with ease that in the past would have caused pain.

Josie's attention to detail is immense! Each person in the group has different triggers for pain and different parts of the body that are better or worse than others; Josie knows all of these details and will adjust certain exercises for each individual to make sure they get the best out of the class.

I look forward to my Pilates class every week now and can feel the benefits in my everyday life increasing week on week. I would highly recommend Josie's class to anyone!

C. Shaw (Lee on Solent)

I joined Josie's pregnancy class to maintain a good level of fitness, whilst ensuring that my pregnancy remained healthy. It was a refreshing addition to my busy week.

After having my son (now 2), my pelvic floor suffered and this was a particular area that improved dramatically since seeing Josie. My posture has improved, I genuinely feel more healthy and I have also learned about ways to improve and encourage an easier childbirth.

Josie is a very clear and passionate instructor who will also educate whilst teaching you the ways and benefits of pilates. Well worth joining her class girlies!!

C. Garner (Whiteley)

Pilates Intuition has changed my life!

I have suffered lower back pain for over 10 years and last year my GP and physio suggested I tried Pilates. Josie's passion and enthusiasm for Pilates is infectious! With no more than 10 people in a class Josie is able to check and correct my posture and technique so I feel like I am really getting the most out of each session.

After just 4 weeks of Pilates my Physio discharged me saying that my core had strengthened and to keep up the good work saying I had obviously found a good teacher!

I love Pilates and now do 2 classes a week. My posture is so much better and I am now in control of my back pain instead of it controlling me!

C. James (Lee on Solent)

I have been attending a weekly Pilates Intuition class in Lee for about 6 months. I have been to many pilates classes over the years, so I have plenty to compare it to! I have found Josie's teaching methods to be excellent. Having a small number of people in the class means that she is able to tailor the class to everyone's individual needs. The classes are varied in both style and body parts that are focused on!! Josie is always very approachable and adaptable if the need arises, and always tries to add a little fun to the class. Although I am never out of breath at the end of a class, I know that I have had a good workout and that strengthening my core will positively effect my everyday life. If you've never tried Pilates before, I would highly recommend Josie's classes at Pilates Intuition.

J. Trevorah (Lee on Solent)

I would highly recommend Josie's mat work pilates classes. The classes are small allowing Josie to be able to monitor your moves and correct your position. Since doing pilates I have noticed an improvement in my posture.

C. Wilson (Lee on Solent)

After listening to my Doctor and Chiropractor who both recommended pilates to me, I started to look around for a good teacher with small class sizes. Having always tried to stay active but with severe back pain this can be very difficult and frustrating as many exercises have a detrimental effect on my back and result in more pain so, I was really pleased with the results which I am and are continuing to get from attending pilates.

Not only do I now not need to take daily prescribed painkillers for my back but I feel I am getting much stronger. My posture seems better and I no longer have pain when sitting down for long periods of time. Also I do not seem to seize up half as much I did especially at night after a long day.

I try to practise pilates three times a week and this seems to be working well for me. I really enjoy the classes and feel I have a long way to go and a lot more to gain from continuing on this path of exercise, which suits me and I get a real sense of achievment and come out of class feeling great.

I am now in my forties and feel this is something I can do for myself having worked all my life. Now my children have all grown up I'm starting to invest time in myself and I am loving the results. I would like to thank Josie and feel very lucky to have such a qualified and professional instructor in pilates in my area.

K. Coles (Peel Common)